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Hot Doodh Jalebis, anyone?

Jalebis!!!!  It is Jalebi snowfall at this time of the year! I went out with my family all laden with sweaters and mufflers all set to savour the hot piping Jalebis!Jalebi

When he landed near the mithai wali shop the Jalebis were eaerly awaiting us.. freshly take out from the hot oil, the sound of the fried crispy crunchy Jalebis filled the air as all the Jalebis were hurriedly taken out on a platter. And the rich caramelized sugar was kept ready in a container besides it… all the Jalebis were put into it to sweeten the Jalebis, while watching the entire process I wanted to devour the Jalebis… just like that.. half cooked! The tempting Jalebis were finally given to us in a bog platter as we had ordered around 20 jalebis two for each withthickened milk and cream for it. Jalebis are consumed all year round, but as soon as winter arrives, the demand for Jalebis goes higher. The sweetness of the sweet and hot milk poured over it makes a lethal combination, mouth watering, tempting and extremely hard to resist. What comes to mind when you hear the word Jalebi..  hot, crispy, sinfully sweet, flavor-full, festive and the list is never ending. When I first had a mouthful of Jalebi this season I had to say that this one is really good! However, for crazy Jalebi lovers like me.. I go for a Jalebi – there are no low quality high quality jalebis! All I had to do was gobble down the Jalebis and forget that I was a 25 year old woman and everyone must have been watching my slurping noises as I lap up the milk and greedily eat up the Jalebis as if there was no tomorrow!

During Decemeber, and January at the time of winter seasons Jalebis are available almost everywhere so much so that the aroma of freshly fried crispy jalebis dropped in a cauldron of sweetened caramel fills up the air – makes the entire area breathe sweet.
Jalebi is a syrupy sweet that is made in shape of a circular pretzel. It is made up of maida(white flour) which is fermented overnight to make the dough rise when dropped in hot oil. The fermentation also gives the jalebi slightly hard element which is unique only to jalebi. The fermented paste is deep fried in a circular shape randomly in a big wok until it is golden orange in color.
It is a treat to watch them being fried and popping up with their special kind of smell filling up the air It is then soaked in sugarsyrup and served hot usually with poured, thickened milk with a dash of thick fresh cream laden on top.

The best part of the doodh jalebi is the milk. Once the milk gets thick enough, the maestro at the shop would deftly place two thick jalebis into one tall glass and then pour thickened milk into it till the glass is full. To this he would add a wedge of thick cream.  The world’s best breakfast!!I remember when I was a kid I used to relish every bite of jalebi as if it was some sacred sweet, licking my fingers and the crunchy jalebi would finish off sooner than my expectation. And I would still have a craving for more and more. Kids drool over it and nag their parents to buy it, although it is a traditional sweet, it has reigned supreme amidst all the sweets!

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