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Keep yourself warm this winter!

As winters approach, there are various changes that occur in one’s life! From extra blankets, chilly winds, foggy mornings, longer nights, hot coffees comes a downside too – coughs, cold, flu, fever and muscle stiffness, flaky dry skin, split nails, torn cuticles and dry hair. All these and much more haunt your days and nights as winter season draws nearer. Despite everything you do to take care of yourself, you still struggle with winters. It’s harder to get up in the mornings when your mind is dizzy and your body feels stiff and hard as if it was like steel. You can’t seem to get rid of that lethargic feeling, even when you take a quick walk after your dinner, and you dislike consuming hot caffeinated drinks, hot chocolates and soups only. And when the day descends itself into an early nightfall, you feel grumpy all over again because the cold winds run a shiver down your spine and the next thing you know is that you are down with fever and flu.

The main tips for the winter season are not taking excessive Vitamin D supplements, sunbathing or taking in the extra supplements, heavy protein rich foods, in excessive cold regions people eat blubber and buttery foods to enhance their fat levels in the body to keep them warmer in the cold season. However, all these cholesterol rich foods can in turn have a negative impact on the body making you grow fatter, obese and unhealthy. This further result in high blood pressures, sleeplessness, diabetes etc. To avoid a gain in weight and other health issues stemming from obesity, winters need to be welcomed with warmth rather than stocking up your fat intake. A regular exercise will generate the required heat in your body. Avail the warm sunlight and its benefits as much as you can. Stay longer in the sun while doing gardening, driving, playing or simply relaxing in the sun. The extra time you give to yourself in the sun will strengthen your bones, give you the required heat and will make you feel warm and comfortable without consuming heavy foods.

The winter can be brutal on your skin. No matter how you take or deal with it, cold weather results in itchy, rough, and flaky skin. The skin needs extra moisture and care. The amount of creams you put onto your skin may not just suit you. It is best to stick to home based remedies. Like a little honey or just plain yougurt on your scalp and hands and feet can retain the moisture your skin demands during this weather.

Don’t let the medicated soaps and shampoos ruin your skin. Use neem leaves, yougurt and egg and henna leaves to keep your head scalp moist. Regular oiling and usage of sesame oil is most suitable for dry hair. Use green tea instead of regular caffeinated drinks at work. This won’t make you happy and will also keep your skin fresh. Last but not the least enjoy winters with strong bones, healthy skin and rejuvenated you with all the above helpful tips to make the most of this most romantic of all seasons! Take care!

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