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Meaty Dreams

Eid-ul-Adha, an islamic relegious event performed every 9th/10th/11th Zil-Hajj of Islamic Calendar. It is one of the most auspicious events in the Islamic relegious calender, as muslims from all over the world gather in Ka’aba (Mecca) to perform hajj. And the entire Muslim Community, who can afford to, all around the world sacrifice cattle.

Zil-Hajj, Sacrifice have thier own importance from the islamic relegious point of view but also have relevant significance to food. The generation of today, not only make plans to celebrate Eid all over the world, but also plan after party with friends starting usually from 2nd day of Eid. Some also start partying from first day.

What is this after party? Well, thats where most of the meat from sacrificed animals us utilized. BARBECUE parties!!! Yep, thats right, friends gather at one place and light thier BBQ grills to push each cube of meat on a stick for cooking. Tafreeh scene starts, with the lighting of the grill and ends until one can not eat a single piece of meat more or when there is no more meat to cook.

Sometimes these BBQ meat cubes, grilled on sticks are eaten with Paratha, Chapati, Na’an. But, I tell you this, if you ever get a chance to join of such BBQ parties, don’t miss it. Else you might never enjoy the real fun in the evening, after sunset on the meaty day.

If one would have so much meat, on the first evening of Eid-ul-Adha after having heavy breakfast, lunch at family gatherings. And especially when you are one person who was incharge of seeing, that the butcher had cut the catlle nice into piece. And after that had so much meat, you would obviously have meaty dreams. Nightmare on Meaty Streets, or Meats Play :D

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