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Reviewing “Pizza crust”

Pizza is sacred to me and it is shame that it is mass produced practically by every frigging new comer in the market. I was going to write a good review about this place but I’ve suddenly had a change of heart.

A relatively new pizzeria has opened at boat basin, close to Nihari Inn, called the “Pizza Crust”. Not an original name but the place looked inviting enough and I wanted to relive some a happy memory. No such luck there but a decent enough place. Able to support maybe 30-35 people at max if the inside diner and the outside pavement was covered. The ambience in nothing special. Nothing interesting to write home about, but then again few places in boat basin allow you to sit inside anyway, so that’s a plus point and there is some privacy. No bathrooms though.

The menu was limited to the standard chicken fajita, euro, cheese lover, vegetarian, chicken tikka and that sort which has become a standard since “Pizza Hut”.

The pizza’s were light on the stomach. It didn’t leave you empty but it was relatively satisfying, which is a good thing in a pizzeria cause then you feel like ordering more only to regret it 15 mins later. The crust was well cooked, a little dryer than it should have been, but they didn’t skimp out on the meat and the toppings which Pizza Hut is being accused of doing since last Year. Some of my friends complain that it is bland, and yes, the taste is not as exuberant as pizza hut, but then again I prefer a place that has less burnt stuff in it. The variety of flavors is standard of pizzerias these days with the chicken fajita, tikka, cheese lover, vegetarian etc etc. so that should still be alright. Nothing unfamiliar hene nothing that could kill you.

A “Kings and Queens” clone, for all extensive purposes, it is one of the many “me too, I wanna play” pizza brands, but that also makes it a likely victim of negligence. It has no USP and no real distinguishable feature that would make attractive and stand out. I hope you find it before they call it quits and I also hope you can help it from dying out before it does.

I recommend it, mostly because its one of those underdog places you hope catch a break, but also because they make pretty decent pizzas too.

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