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The parrot learns to review, and its “Piping Hot”

I am member of many facebook groups dedicated to food, where members share their experience of having a meal, by praising it or complaining about it. Even blocked from some groups, for writing the true experience about a restaurant, and restaurant owner using his political influence to get me banned.

Weird that the political influence can have you banned for your review can harm their business, but they will serve you bad food and pay (sorry I mean bribe) reviewers to write good about their establishments.  Over the past few months, I have been keeping an eye on such reviews and was able to differentiate between paid and organic reviews.

Although I was keeping a track of something else, but during my analysis I came across another interesting fact. That every wannabe Gordon Ramsay reviewer of the following facebook groups have rote learned a few terms.  Very well trained like parrots into rote-learning the terminology of “Piping Hot“.

If you observe these reviews, written in casual, friendly or just to vent out a bad experience, one will observe that these reviews are something like this.

  1. I ordered pizza, it was Piping Hot
  2. The order arrived, it was Piping Hot
  3. It was served, Piping Hot
  4. We ate, while it was Piping Hot
  5. It was delivered, Piping Hot
  6. It arrived late, and was not Piping Hot

Those are the few examples of “Piping Hot” examples from the reviews on these groups. After every 6th or 7th comment on the group, one is sure to find a Piping Hot review on a restaurant. Seems to me, that its now the new catch phrase on few food groups, and these members feel very cool when using this terminology and the lack of vocabulary. But I feel sad for these rote-learned well trained Piping Hot wannabes, who have learned nothing about quality, taste, the love for food, except that its Piping Hot.

**Thoughts: I should start serving them, Piping Hot ketchup on roasted cockroaches.

facebook groups:

  1. Karachi Food Diary
  2. Karachi Food Forum
  3. Good Food Guide Pakistan
  4. Pakistan Food Forum

blocked from facebook group:

  1. SWOT’s Guide for Karachi’s Restaurants, Cafes, Dhabas, Khokhas and Take-out

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