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Trust your friends, don’t experience it personally

When you go out to a restaurant, you don’t only go to have food but you go for the whole experience, so l and my friend decided to go to this restaurant in the city known for its fine dining and food, although we had heard some stories of staff behaving rudely. To our luck we reached the same restaurant while walking and inside we had very good seating, in the middle of the restaurant, from where we could enjoy the ambience and our surrounding.

We ordered the food and started talking while waiting for the food. The food was served on time and as told by our friends and family, it was really good, and our whole experience went well. But just before we were leaving one of the waiters came and said that we had not paid. On hearing this we were shocked because we had paid to one of the waiters who collected the payment from us for our orders. And told us to collect our receipt from the reception. We were boggled and asked for the manager, when he came we told him, he said that if we had paid they would have the receipts, it turns out that the waiter who served us had finished his shift and left. He forgot to give the receipt of our payment to reception and update them that we had paid. It was such a huge misunderstanding and hence the entire evening ended up in a turn off and after all this we reached home with our mood off as our whole experience was destroyed.

After such a joyful experience we have decided never to go to that place again, and also recommend our friends to do the same than experiencing everything personally.

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